When you are dealing with visual stimulus you can only see your own socio-economic background, education and various bias. It is just the nature of human cognition. Yet are we not expected to reach beyond our own small boundaries? To reach out to a world that at times has nothing to do with us? If the world is simply a multitude of screens how can we then experience or understand other perspectives? Are we stuck simply making others an unwanted distraction? Where they don’t fit the set of ideas and are ignored at all costs. You could say that this is just how things are. There is no time to waste. We can’t step out of our bias or understanding to accommodate something we can’t understand. There is simply a trajectory and that is the correct trajectory. The correct direction. For example you could say that you know what you want. TINA (‘there is no alternative’), a kind of broadside to critical thinking masked as critical thinking.

The beauty of knowing what you want is you no longer have to think. You simply have to act. It is a game and you are an actor. What you know is just part of the act. How could you act any other way? Life is hard enough without trying to understand everything outside of your own world and your own screens. Really though we have no choice but to try and see what we can’t understand. There was something I wrote in one of my booklets on how we don’t see graffiti but experience it. You can’t really experience it through a screen but you get an inkling. When you are there you have no choice but to me moved. Either it is horror at the delinquency of a world you fail to understand. Where you have seen hardships and came to this new land as a migrant wanting to make a better life for yourself. The old Greek man muttered under his breath as he walked past the wall. Taking a seat not to far away, then walking past muttering again. He wasn’t pleased to see it. He did experience it though.

A young woman walked past and said “cool” she smiled and enjoyed the colourful anarchy. We all have a history. Some have less. They wanted something in their lives. They may not have gotten it. They may not get it. Then again every situation is different. Some of us have a future and some of us don’t. We may expect the world to please us and it doesn’t. There was a way we expected things to be. A bias. A history. A hope. Then there was reality. Then our own reality. There was a notification on our phone. A moment to be distracted. We walked by the wall and saw nothing. We were looking for a certain street. It was nearby. It was a goal. A trajectory. You can’t expect me to look through bins. Graffiti is rubbish. A kind of persistent noise. A drone of a car. The smell of exhaust fumes. Someone on crutches. Maybe I should ask them how they got hurt to need crutches? Some people do look through bins. They have a history. Maybe a family history. They may be looking for something. They may find something.

The question is, are they an actor? Is it an act? Is there an alternative? Is there a notification? A distraction? A moment to notice. Is the old Greek man pleased to see his neighbourhood covered in graffiti? Does the young woman care about the fact the whole area is covered in graffiti? Did the man who asked me where a certain street was find the street? Can we see things when we are busy trying to pay our rent, our mortgage? There are so many streets that interconnect. They tend to all look the same but different. Is ignorance really bliss? I think my limit is death metal. I do own one death metal album though. Was that just a mistake? An aberration from my own trajectory?

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