Overview of ‘A Bad Performance’ a bleak comedy

‘A Bad Performance’ the book is partially a bleak comedy centred around the main character Jason. In a way this book chronologically is in sync with ‘Ran Wicked’ though it is mostly fictionalised rather than a memoir. We watch Jason fumble his way through the end of art school only to get into a niche gallery and do quite well. The story is written in a relaxed style for comical effect. It plays on youthful adventure and attitudes. I doubt I would write something like this again. At least not for a while anyway. But it is bleak at times as well. Comedy is difficult because people can get offended but I found there was no way around this. Also a bleak comedy can be funny and quite sad too. It took me a while to write this, and it was fulfilling in a wicked kind of way. I liked the end the most but I found myself laughing through the book quite a lot.

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