Tai Ji Spot

There is a spot in the centre of a home known as the Tai Ji Spot. It is where a demon resides. It is important not to disturb this spot. Sometimes this can’t be helped so there are ways to placate the demon. Bells, gourds or coins. It is important not to activate the demon. Demons and spirits can be called upon for help but this is something only a few can muster. It takes a lot of training. I wouldn’t dare do that at this stage. When I first started serious training again I felt the Tai Ji spot activate. Yet the burning of incense and training calmed the demon and it wasn’t bothered. Sounds completely bonkers doesn’t it? Well how about the driving rain being called away by those that know how to control the spirits? How about the drug induced maniac calling forth demons to wage destruction? Though if one doesn’t know how to control such things they will eventually destroy the conjurer. Look at the demons conjured on Hollywood screens. The CGI is simply the making of a reality hidden by the likes of energy. The energy is real. To create a virtual monster is only the monster that lurks beyond vision. Within the mind of man and animals. Don’t activate the demon that sits idle. A travelling demon is much worse.

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