natural state

One of the biggest problems that I encounter between my own understanding and Taoist understanding is the idea of nature. Also the idea of what it is to be natural. Nature is not artificial so that is easy enough. Yet most of what we experience and live with is artificial. We could have an artificial hip or heart. Taoist thought wants us to reverse back to being like a child. Not in maturity but in body and mind. Somewhat before we awaken to sexuality. Our bodies then can be supple and we are somewhat closer to our natural state. The exercises are what reverse the ageing process. What does this mean though for our sexuality? That is where most people fall off the bandwagon. It is more about appropriateness or ends. Where sexuality is to reproduce. So what does this mean for sexuality in general? It is frowned upon mostly. Considering I have children I am not worried about being celibate. Though I suppose Taoism isn’t for everyone. People need to sacrifice their desires if they want to do this. Personally I have no issue with sexuality. Yet I have to reject it. That is tough in a world ruled by desire. It can also seem biased. I don’t want to come across as biased. It is though a personal decision which rings true for me. In that way I can’t invite people to join Taoism because it is difficult to understand the idea of minimising sexuality. It isn’t about celibacy overall because people have children and raise them.

The issue I have with nature is my own belief in fluid sexuality. In that people are neither clearly male or female when they are a child. Maybe that is it though. These initial states are in fact not sexualised at all. They are when we are purely at our natural undifferentiated state of being away from a world that eventually corrupts us?

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