Inspiration and logic

Something that was talked about briefly the other day in Tao class was inspiration. The logical mind can only reach so far. Even some of the most complex logical constructions will eventually fall apart. Logic is constantly up against its own instability. Take for instance in computer programs, bugs. Even the most thorough logical mathematics reaches a limit where it can fall away under scrutiny. Inspiration reaches further and at times has no limits. Logic has a construction that is bounded within a structure. Structures need a way to provide a breach. There has to be a breach to create a new outlet or path. Otherwise they have no way of growing. Where logic grows is through the discovery of each breach. Then a new way is provided, like the way science has a process of hypothesis and testing to draw a conclusion which eventually is superseded by new research.

There has to be a way out of a logical construct to provide room for inspiration. Inspiration is at times the breach. It just happens within the confines of many set parameters. Yet it doesn’t have to be thought out logically. It simply happens. It appears out of nowhere. Truthfully though it appears from the power of nature. Nature has many laws yet it can always break them as it creates a breach within each construct. This is done to create new possibilities that could never be imagined. They appear from nothing and go back to nothing within what we can call endless opportunity. It is true opportunity though. It isn’t a set of logical constructions made around observations and thought. These tend to get trapped within their own confined nature only to eventually fall apart anyway. If there wasn’t inspiration none of us would be sitting here right now. There would be no room for the universe in a closed set of parameters.

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