Qi cultivation

Have been practicing Qi cultivation exercises every day for months now. Normally minimum 30 minutes a day. It helps a lot. My anxiety has disappeared. I have lost excess weight. It isn’t just the exercises but also dietary changes. Very little sugar, no dairy, no cold foods, no fatty food. Also try to walk for 40 mins a day as well. Sugar was the biggest problem in that I love fruit. So I quartered my intake and I am working on getting it lower. I am trying to lower protein as well which is a work in progress. My meat intake is pretty low anyway.

As we age we lose Qi energy so that is why these exercises are popular with older people, mostly Chinese. It does work though because I have a lot of energy these days. I should ideally do an hour of cultivation but I find 45 minutes a day my current maximum unless I am off work for the day. Lower protein diets are sometimes better for older people because they are maintenance diets instead of growth diets. Younger people need a lot more protein to grow. Maintenance diets are seen as less likely to attract unwanted cell growth such as cancers or tumours but these things rely on many factors.

It has been good immersing myself once a week in discussion with practicing Taoists to see their tips and most importantly to listen to Master DongYang on various topics. The best thing about the exercises is they are relaxing to do. They move your whole body.

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