Have had to reconsider my views on conspiracy theories. It is more a revision. I still don’t feel convinced of either belief or disbelief.True or false leaves one on either side of an argument. The fact can be creditor discredit is due to whichever party. Though either side entails some form of belief. It isn’t as though I don’t believe in anything. I can take discredit simply on merit alone. Maybe a simple summary of opinion. Take for example the Moon landing. This entails both dual arguments for or against. People either want to discredit or credit either way.

What this leaves in way of belief is a gap between proof. For example, I can’t go to the moon and confirm the landing. Yet I also can’t deny the landing. Either way I need proof. I have little proof either way.Personally, I can understand how people may feel about America. They may feel threatened or comforted by America. My own opinion is I can see how either argument adds to various types of propaganda. It isn’t that I am sitting on the fence but simply can see the fence or division. Either argument doesn’t aid my day to day life.

I mentioned to one conspirator that I didn’t care either way. Yet I am not criticising the conspiracy either. There are many things that I am not privy to. For example, I have no advisers in government telling me of certain facts. I can’t say whether certain ideas are true or false. I need my own experience to inform me. There may be some reliable sources. I do feel that my attitude is pragmatic. I am not a numbers man or person who can consider evidence and amount it either way. I can simply say that maybe America is on a chaotic path. I don’t need proof but simply see events and consider them as best I can.

You could say America is isolated and fragmented. Adding to the chorus of why can seem pointless when you can simply see from some fragments of news or opinion. There is the spirit of the times. There are policies that seem to be against some and for others. These though add to the divisions. I can see the point though of the arguments for or against. Why try to hold back the inevitable when you can’t. The tide has turned, and the world is in chaos no matter what you believe or don’t believe. Eventually there will be a balance of power but it won’t be the powers that were.

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