from late 80s gangs to rich white gangs.

When I was younger I was heavily into graffiti. Graffiti crews were more like gangs though I stuck to the creative side of graffiti. I am not a fan of gang culture and in a way I fell into this culture from my interest in graffiti. I still keep in touch with ex gang members. The ones who at least have changed their lives and moved on. It is hard though especially for people who did long stretches of jail time. It can be hard to completely escape it but age has mellowed them out and they know what creativity and a good life is.


I keep away from gang culture and have nothing to do with it as I realised earlier in my life where all this lead. It took me two years to figure people out and read people. I started avoiding gang culture and kept at graffiti. To me it has poisoned the culture. The progressive attitudes of the mid to early 80s where overshadowed by late 80s crime and gang culture. Don’t for a moment think I am trying to preach. Everyone has their own path. Some people thrive on this stuff. They own it and try to act it.


What is an act though? It leaves people trying to prove the same points over and over again. I have seen it and have seen where people have ended up too. It isn’t a joke. It isn’t a healthy lifestyle and it usually goes nowhere. Some people think they are living it. They think they are tough that they lived it. In a way it is true but anyone who is even half sane wants a better life. They want to improve. They want to be around people who aren’t trying to play the game of hard core hero. Even if you are why not go into boxing or UFC and prove yourself there. A lot of guys have and that is respectable. Only because they can better themselves and still let out their aggression.




So when I see the rise of conservative gangs I honestly have no time for it. These people are actually educated and normally well off. It is abominable to go down that path of aggression and what people call provocation. Any gang culture is not worth the time. Young people get sucked into it because they may have aggression issues. They want to let out their aggression. The thing to remember is there is always someone else on the other end of it. The only way you can get ahead is through peace. The world stage is dominated by provocateurs and we can see how far it is getting them. They want to win at this game. They don’t care what people think of them and they lead people astray.


You need to remember that these leaders may provoke but they won’t be doing the jail time. They won’t be paying the legal bills or hospital bills. They are safe while people on the street are not. So if terrorism isn’t enough then there are gangs looking for trouble. Gangs of well educated people looking for a fight. Though in reality there are always dangers yet now we have quite a lot more. As society slowly breaks down into chaos you need to keep a cool head. Nearly every second person has some kind of martial arts training. It looks like you need it. Though the best advice is to avoid the hot spots. Avoid large crowds if you can. Don’t go looking for trouble and you won’t find it. Best of all don’t let the wealthy provocateurs provoke you into a fight you can’t afford.

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