The World itself

The lack of written languages in some indigenous cultures is seen as an inherent issue because it denotes a lack of civilisation. Yet the world itself, the environment was the actual book to be read. It was studied and read constantly to survive and prosper. There was no need for a book to exist as the environment provided everything. It had to be understood for the betterment of the culture. There was always language. Language was connected to the ground, sky and human culture.


That is the issue Western culture has. It has lost connection with the ground, sky and human culture. Renewables open the door to reconnection and yet we refuse. We see ourselves as conquerors when we have conquered so little. This arrogance has to be resolved for the benefit of humanity. Technology that can harmonise with the natural world will be of greater benefit. Though it seems the conquerors quest will never end until humanity are slaves to technology.

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