This year

I read my Chinese horoscope for this year and it foretold stress and other bad luck. Well it has happened this year. I almost had a physical run in with some louts and I had an intellectual run in as well with a street art critic. My anxiety levels went through the roof as well. I had run ins with right wing thinkers on a few occasions.


Since returning to my Taoist practice things have calmed down. I am gathering better energy. Natural energy that benefits me. I no longer pick up my mobile phone and have a wave of anxiety at what I might come across next. It really has been a prick of a year. Admittedly I wasn’t making it easy on myself.


I posted contentious video work, I made remarks about street art, I criticised graffiti attitudes and then painted huge walls with all the hallmarks of anarchist rebellion. I wrote myself into a fighting corner. I released two short stories, one about the world I grew up in and the other about the world we are in now and its future. Nature is the only weapon I possess. It nourishes the soul and orders the world.


Without nature the world is lost. I had better go and have a long walk and reflect. The year isn’t over just yet.

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