I wasn’t going to write about Banksy’s recent auction stunt with the shredder but I can only say this. It doesn’t matter if the stunt was genuine or fake. All that matters is the symbolism. Symbolism trumps all in Western culture which is why money is such a big deal. For Banksy he at once gets to stay in the trophy room cabinet and also partakes in a symbolic act. This is a sign of power. He has the power over his own work and what it symbolises. Also he becomes the symbol.


The fact that this all happened in an auction house is the other plain sign to understand. It all comes down to money and Banksy has guaranteed himself a place amongst the greats in his own signature style. The shredded work only has more symbolism embedded in it. It does seem quite lame but not when you are in an ivory tower. Not when you understand the game at hand. The things that need to be done to guarantee higher prices.

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