Going dry

One of the best things I did since I was diagnosed was quit alcohol. Some people can manage their alcohol intake well. I was never so good. It wasn’t that I drank a lot. It was just that I could lose track easily. I never really knew the limit. Also as soon as I drank even a small glass of wine I would start feeling unwell. So I quit altogether. The best thing that I have ever done.


For one it was more my dreams where I became afflicted with my condition. If I drank alcohol I had the most uneasy dreams. My dreams are already an issue without adding the garbled mess of insanity to boot. The dreams were terrible and almost unbearable as well. One alcohol laden snooze lead to a cacophony of strange voices that made no sense at all. That was it I am off the alcohol. It has been almost a decade since I have touched alcohol and I have been so better off.


Also my diet is very strict. Anything that helps me feel better is the way to go. Recently I have been reading some Chinese recipes as my diet is probably more Asian than Western. I eat simply and well. If you can count on two pillars of thought then diet is one of them. Abstinence from alcohol is probably another. Since I have looked further into diet I feel like I am getting more of an idea for seasonal food. There are some things that I have been into which I realised through my reading were not that great for me but better than a lot of other things I could have had.


If anyone out there is suffering from a mental condition keep on your medication and quit alcohol while eating well. You need to afford more care to yourself as you have enough to deal with already.

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