Dark Fame

If you look at famous artists many showed the spirit of their times. Some quite by accident and others were simply shunned yet their work was celebrated many years later. If Western Culture is obsessed by sex, death and fame how would your art fair if it was out of this structure? Probably quite well but what if that obsession had reached fever pitch? What if you had to conjure the dark arts to side with your drive for fame? What are drugs but a window into a shadow world?


What doesn’t destroy you only makes you stronger as Nietzsche said so what if your work reflected the debauchery ever so beautifully? What if you had made a pact with the dark spirits to increase your fame and power? It sounds completely crazy but this is the world we have always lived in. What are the ancient myths but the description of Western Culture. You can’t tell me a soap opera is any different? It is an ongoing drama. People need the spiritual world to have power at all.


The spiritual world pervades all dealings in the world around us. We deny it yet we gladly step into shadow worlds ever so often, for some more often. I am not talking about fairies and ghosts but I am talking about the world humans have always lived in. You can see someone’s spirit just by looking into their eyes. The Earth isn’t simply matter it is also pervaded by energy many that we can not see. They can be measured yet we feel that what we see is all there is even though we know there is more.


Look at some very famous artists now who are conjuring the spirit of our times and know that if you want fame it could in the end kill you or make you stronger. They have made the pact. They won’t talk of their pact because they don’t need to. It is right in your face. That it seems is the price of fame.

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