In control or not in control

In some studies on depression feeling in control was the key to feeling authentic. If medication was administered people felt that the medication may or may not give them a genuine sense of self. Was the medication giving them control or had it taken it away? This was the burning issue. Were they once again their true self on the medication or not? In a way there are many reasons to be anxious or depressed at factors that seem out of our control.


Let us look at housing in Sydney as a great anxiety bringer. Can you afford or not afford housing? For most they feel it is out of reach. That is quite true. Though people with houses also feel anxious. So anxiety itself is quite relative. I couldn’t afford a house in Sydney and still can’t so does that give me anxiety? Not particularly. I would love to live outside of Sydney if I could. Can I afford Sydney rents? Not really and I think that is a genuine anxiety factor but then again you can live in a share house. Living in a share house at forty may make you feel like you have failed. So there are external factors that can affect our general well being as much as internal factors. We have expectations that still seem to be the norm when things are far from normal.


Not everyone wants to go regional and live in the country though there is more space. So living in Sydney has its own anxiety factors. Especially if you want to be central. These days anxiety is the new normal. No wonder we offload so much in mediated communication. Mostly though having control of our self seems to be the most important factor largely.

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