Graffiti: the emotional plague

Was talking to a street artist yesterday and he is quite well primed at his own distinct artistic practice. He mentioned the emotional landscape of graffiti. A hyper masculine aggressive world of push and shove. I totally agreed and said  ‘good point’ there is an emotional backlog in graffiti which may be why it is unpredictable. These observations mainly are placed in Sydney. Australia is an emotional country if you think about it. There is so much emotion pushed back more so now. We want to be at peace within ourselves but have so much to feel guilty about. The solution to most is to ignore the emotions and say we are truly fair. People don’t really believe this. Then we turn to comedy to show the offence with a piece of genius like “Terror Nullius”. A rabble rousing ode to the art of graffiti and vengeance. A cavalcade of perfect samples to make us understand that we are just a bunch of confused racists reigning terror on minorities.


So this emotional element which is the counterplay to street art is cast in every tag on the street. An emotional moment. Where instinctively we want a form of vengeance on the world. Where we want to right every wrong done to us and to everyone. An emotional plague like no other.


The issue to remember is the aggression should only be in the moment of the tag. Not in the attitudes around it. Vengeance should be sweet. It should be a moment to laugh. Then move on. Realising that we have a job to right wrongs that seem too many to count.

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