A hunch

As far as writing goes I feel more and more like it is a battle of ideas. My understanding is that there are always competing ideas but to make a mark you need to explore those hunches and ideas you may have not thought through thoroughly. It isn’t that I feel that I need to justify anything but simply explain it mostly to myself. In doing that I can find a thread. Hopefully I can see the ideas in a form. For example I developed a pet hate toward something then I thought why do I feel this way? It was actually more complex than I had realised. In effect the idea was already there even though I hadn’t explained it or felt I could explain it. It wasn’t just a hunch as I found connections just through going in blind. The reasons became clear. The thought process became a story that you could follow. It wasn’t really conclusive as other people may read it differently but you could see it from other angles.


It had a logic of its own. It was wrested from a simple feeling. It was there all along. It found a form or actually I found it through the process of writing. It was formed. The story though was never there formed but the logic was. The logic made a story as logic does. Logic though is flawed in that it leaves many openings. This happens as there are always many openings and closings. Things come into being through thought as we have seen with the rise of divisive thought. It was always there but it surfaced. It became the main story. The world doesn’t really change but ideas surface and fall. Stories have always been with us though. They simply update themselves to the time they are in. You could say they were never there though but the logic was. Then out of nowhere the world changed. The main story changed. The battle of ideas just goes on.

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