X,Y and Z directional axes

Someone asked me the other day why I don’t write about X. I had no real answer as X was embedded in reality. My blog was mainly a test bed of ideas and simple experiments. It was where I just tried stuff out. For example I had a few ideas for my book and I thought why not just try it out on the blog so I can get a feel for it. Maybe it worked more than likely it didn’t. I want it to work in the story though if I can help it. Maybe that is why my blog is a little bit suspect. Is it worth dedicating time to when this guy seems to be on about nothing at all? Well it has its moments and as long as I can try things that I haven’t really thought through.


There are other times when I am right on target but it can be trying to simply include cold hard reality or something like X that may not really be that experimental or particularly thought provoking. There is a danger in thinking though. People can assume that you are mad. In my case I can’t argue against as I am mad. I am certified in fact. Even worse is I am quite happy in general. Being happy is a crime if you think of the world we are living in. I am not happy about the state of the world though. I am just happy in my own skin.


Writing can be an escape but I really try to think about ideas that are floating around. I admit I don’t truly understand a lot of what is going on that is my point of writing at all. Simply looking and trying to understand, hopefully creatively. In some ways I have described on social media my writing as a new low. It is a jest as even if it is and even if my interest is suspect at least I can think about various ideas. They get compiled into a set of thoughts. Since I have spent more time writing I have in a way felt that in some way I have crossed a line. A bit like how someone who likes contemporary poetry or contemporary dance feels when they bust out at a workers pub. It seems like you are just going to carry on about your ideas at the local family gathering. The reality is quite different. It is simply about symbols on paper. Or to be exact symbols on symbols of symbols as far as digital goes anyway.

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