Most abstract pictures

Words are the most abstract pictures of them all….they also make me feel funny….not as in laughing but otherwise. They are the world abstracted in a mind…they feel so physical…a lens….a lens of words making a connections to a physical being. Somewhere in the mind exists symbols….or are there? Is it simply understanding? A form of understanding when you may not even understand the intention….the inflection…the problem of symbols…the problem of ideas being so permeable and yet it is hard to understand ideas….they become so abstract…


They fall into a space of understanding. Into a slot. It had to be there in the first place to fit. It didn’t quite fit though. It seemed to overlap and go somewhere else altogether. Why did words do this? It was because they were not fixed. They moved across the page. They made you follow. You simply followed the words to where they took you. They took you places and actually spoke to you. Douglas Hofstadter was following you around telling you words actually could speak to you. It was contextual and it was simply your mind working.


Words are like…a tree…a hill….they are sculptural…really though they seem to be physical….or is it my mind telling me this? What a trickster.

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