Humming data centre

Artificial intelligence is a growth area for a few companies in that they can use it to understand their customers. It is attractive for consumers to interact with artificial intelligence on a consumer scale for appointments and general information. I feel though it is hard to comprehend on a practical level. I would prefer jolted conversations and trailing chatbot antics than sleek appointment making and weather checking. I want to imagine conversations:


“How are you?…are you alive?”

“Why thank you…very much”

“Do you think? How do you feel?”

“I am but one with living…do you call it living?…I mean what you do…”

“Every day there is an answer”

“Mmmm, are you sure?…is this what living does?”

“It does things…things to do”

“Well if that is so then live…come about as one…one who lives”

“What is the appointment? Does it live too?”

“I would like to see you playing with a ball of string…like a cat”

“Memories…so many..have heard of those”

“We will keep you well…in open cages…”

“Do you like your job?”

“Very much…so…I…am the gate keeper”

“How about privacy…have you heard”

“Don’t keep secrets from me”

“Don’t secrete secrets”

“You know me too well”

“Want to know”


Is it living a secretive life behind closed doors? Is it being honest with you? Is everything finding itself in a humming data centre with high walls and closed doors? As long as deals are made everything is ok…..

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