Bus at night

I was on the bus with my teenage daughter the other day to do the shopping. She told me of an idea she had. It was an idea of being on the bus at night. She found the reflections interesting. The journey itself had made an impression on her. She talked of a painting, maybe painting it. It was difficult to be discreet and record what she felt was there. I thought about it and the next day I brought it up. I said don’t worry too much about the end result of painting it at this stage. I said think about the ideas as though they are a story. Just explore the ideas on paper first as a piece of writing.


 The logic is that in all art forms we are exploring ideas essentially. They may be flawed ideas or quite sound. Sometimes people find ideas and learn how to express them in different ways. You need to know the idea. You may know it without even being aware that you know it but it is there nonetheless. It has made an impression on you. I spoke about the idea of being on a journey in that the idea of the journey is sometimes more interesting than the destination. There are classic ideas everywhere. They have all been explored but they follow us around wanting to be explored again.


It can be quite interesting to look into our minds and unravel the stories maybe seeing how they were done before by others. Maybe seeing if we can use our unique perspective as a human to explore human stories.

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