There are so many ways we absorb the world and the world absorbs us. It seems like a reflection but is it really? Our permeable bodies are attuned to this world and the world knows we are here too. We were made for each other. Our bodies a membrane that can calculate force. The energies that envelop us. The vibrations. We read these vibrations whether they are sound or vision or actual contact. We are immersed in blank dioxide. We were made for these moments. This very moment.


This is why I want to look at how the mind carries our calculations. It is stored in a kind of language of calculation. You can see it in your minds eye but not always. It gets translated and previewed. It is a story that is lived and analysed. It is the way the world is absorbed, the calculations and vibrations. It is never an exact science but it is where we meet. It is carried through many languages of vibrations and symbols. It is like a guide in a world of nuances.

One thought on “Nuances

  1. So beautiful! This is actually something I think about on a daily basis. Especially when doing art and stuff. In art is especially about your mood, surrounded energies and how your mind translates the perceived information… Thank you, I’ll read it again and again.

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