Going against the grain

Jesus was an interesting character in that he went against the grain and challenged the orders of his time. People who are combative can find the role Jesus plays attractive because he offers hope and salvation not only from his own time but from all the limitations in society through time. The coming of God into his creation and the stories and holy spirit left behind leave us wondering how we can change the world around us for the better and go against the rigidity of social orders for the good of everyone.


In that social orders are rigid by nature makes it difficult to go against it not just for the sake of being a contrarian but to be doing it for the best outcome. What though is really the best outcome and this is where the debate can be deafening. Collectively it is hard to know and seems a work in progress but there are always tried and tested rules such as inequality. This gets messy when we ask what would Jesus say? There isn’t really an updated answer and we need to see through scripture which may not be an exact science.


What we can glean is we need to accept each other for our differences and celebrate them as well as love one another. It is always under the spectre of judgment but that comes last not first. Even then what do we make of each other and how can we live together in harmony and be prosperous? The real problem is interpretation. What is really being said? Also do you have to accept every tenet just to be dutiful? That would be good if reality wasn’t so messy. Does love conquer duty? I could say you need duty to find love but then I would be just be playing with words. To be honest I don’t really know but I hope I can learn to see the best in people whatever they are into.

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