Down the gurgler

I get really annoyed by high school attitudes. They are rife. I made a post on Instagram about a wall I had done with my old crew. I remarked about the slogan that was written on it that said “Don’t do drugs”. Somebody had to be smart. It misses the point of what I am saying. It was more a story about the guys I knew who were ruined by hard drugs and I had to go through the motions to clarify that. Its so great to have bogus principals and just go along with the idea that everybody is preaching. There is always context. There are many stories and it isn’t enough to just let people go down a bad path and just let them. You have to confront the truth of hard drugs and how they ruin people. In a way the guy was more protecting the idea that weed is ok and that is fine but I am never on the attack I am trying to warn the people who one day may understand when it is too late.

I don’t live in a bubble either I tend to follow hard drug users on Instagram as well as light users because I don’t want to bail on them I want to be able to see the process and hopefully my naf posts inspire someone. A lot of my old crew got ruined by hard drugs and I was always against it. It really upset me and I have become pretty staunch about it. Everyone these days think people are preaching, at the end of the day I couldn’t care less what people do with drugs. But when all your mates go down the gurgler you kind of get jaded.

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