Very confusing

Well I have dredged over a lot of material in a recursive way. It is about time to move forward. In essence I have already left a lot of things behind. Me and my mate sometimes seem on repeat. We go over the same things and find ourselves with the same problems. It is pretty obvious to move on and I hope I have finally cracked the code. All in all the subcultural framework doesn’t really bend too far from its base. A lot of things are like that. Maybe being in Australia it seems so much smaller which is why there is a kind of desperate scarcity leading too tough competition. One scary competitive edge in Australia is the necessity to fit in. To be one of us. It is at the same time universal but it is by and large a smaller more demanding subset. It is restrictive. Australians do well overseas because normally they are bloodthirsty from this immersive competitive fitting in mentality.


I am not kidding you the competition is fierce just in regard to fitting in so don’t worry about the actual doing of whatever thing but it adds to the demands regardless. I am not saying I am skipping the country but I need to disassociate from a lot of things that are historical problems for me. We all have baggage and I can’t simply off load it but what I can do is use these stories simply as stories. They are to be created but not necessarily lived as well. That is my problem basically. Living in the story I am painting or writing. How do you not do that when you are the creative force? In a way you just focus on the creation of the story and how to write it or paint it. Everything in that regard is worthwhile. But the problem that I would have is that I would get pulled into my creations and have to deal with protagonists who I have described in prior posts many times.


The fact that I stopped doing graffiti in 2007 illegally is a good point to realise that is the end of that. Once something finishes which it did my use of the title graffiti artist was null and void. In 2013 I started using my own name and it got confusing because graffiti artists were still interested in what I did as essentially I was still doing something that was graffiti. But at the same time I was doing a lot of other things and they don’t fall under that umbrella. It gets confusing and subcultures don’t really budge from their self proclaimed rigidity. Well I need to be transparent in my overall goals. I want people to know that I am doing a lot of things and the moniker of artist is best suited. It is in a way confusing for a lot of people who follow me but it was always confusing anyway. I would rather be confusing than be stuck in the confines of a sub genre dealing with unbridled maniacs any day.  

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