Severed Heads ‘Aversion 2’

Had a listen to Severed Heads ‘Aversion 2’. It is a small release and had a pastiche feel where they turn what they call music of ‘rock gods’ into unrecognisable machine noise. It has structure and at times is almost pleasant but it veers into the absurd. Quite fitting if we think of a lot of music which seems to surround us. There are moments of ranting verses that are archival documents of mental instability. It really lets you wonder where sanity and easy listening begin or end because to an explorative mind there is a hidden story behind what we view as normal. At times it is great to cross the threshold into other territory. To uncover the madness in what we feel is normal music. Also to bring the mad in line with our hopes and fears of our own limited ability to be rational. We can only try and in a way ‘Aversion 2’ tries and succeeds in giving us a moment to just let go.

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