Lacking application or reality

So to recap my other post in regards to ideas I suppose the underlying point is business effectively is an ideas based system. It is pure ideology as proven through the mechanism of investment. This of course isn’t unknown but I felt I needed to highlight it because the market or the free market is simply a rigid mechanism that to really work needs to free itself from blind ideology. How do you achieve that? That is probably impossible but to realise it will help understand why the free market and even a regulated market leads inevitably to inequality. Obviously everyone knows this but seeing improvement is supposed to justify the investment of time and energy into whatever mechanisms seem to be the fairest. What could we do to be truly fair though? My answer to admit we had faults. That we could be wrong. That we are wrong. This is simply a starting point. There is always the majority base but when we can see how even with the majority making ends meet we have a minority always missing out. The trouble is the majority are struggling and Trump was America’s answer. Before Trump there were alternatives at least. Now there are simply winners and losers. Judging by the state of union address it seems the Democrats are playing the losers card. We can’t go back. The reality is nobody has lost. You can’t expect a return you can only expect a change. The change really needs to be truly new. A chance for a clean start. Rather than winners or losers or alternatives we need to fix the problem of ideas that don’t really tackle the complexities of reality. That inevitably leave things out. That misses the point of equality. Maybe equality has never been properly implemented or believed in. It was only an idea lacking a true reality.

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