I am probably going out on a tangent but something I want to talk about is experience. The experience of states of mind or place. The reason is when you have an experience such as mental illness it is something some one else can’t experience first hand though they will inevitably have other experiences both positive or negative or anywhere in between. We all experience the world in lots of ways. The reason I mention it is my furtive attempts to relay experiences to others. Sometimes it has been through paint or dialogue. Having exhibited dialogue based artworks the question I asked myself was ‘how can anyone really share the experience?’, that is the experience of being mad or somewhat mentally deranged.

All of the works were an attempt more than anything. They were attempts to transmit the experience. Dialogue is very powerful. My biggest mistake was not verbalising my intentions on paper for the gallery audience. I assumed it was a given. That maybe they would find out or ask. Maybe they knew anyway as art can be multifaceted. Dialogue in an open space can be very difficult to make sense of. In a way I was more interested in just seeing what would happen. Dialogue and sound fill a space. They have dimension in space as they are audible within a region of space such as the space itself but it is not unlimited as it gets lost within the larger world which can keep going on for as far as you can follow.

What amazes me is the way graffiti which is on a surface also has dimension that inhabits a space. It is dimensional and takes up a certain amount of room. Though it can’t take up all room. It has limits. It is limited by the human body, architecture and the environment it is in. Both sound and vision in a lot of ways are quite similar. They are waves. They emanate. They meet bodies. They are encoded, decoded they are processed by minds. In this way they are experienced. The various loops whether of environment that pass through a chain of feedback are unwittingly experiencing each other. They are on a channel of experience. All though are rigidly separated. They meet within larger bodies. That encapsulate space. So in a way no object knows another object but simply moves around it or within it. This doesn’t make ‘sense’ a movement but possibly makes it a transaction of movement. The encoding is that transaction.

The most important point though is we can’t directly experience another body but we can inhabit part of the experience even if it goes unnoticed. We are on various channels of experience that are tuned within a range in so many ways on that channel. It isn’t unlimited but it is as big as the body allows. It is amazing to think we can share parts of experience even if they are removed from direct sensory experience.

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