There are a few different recurring dreams I have. One I haven’t talked about is my Macbook Pro dream. It sounds like a desire based dream or a latent desire but there is more to it. For one the dream is annoying because everyone wants to steal them from me and normally I will have at least three of these Macbook Pro at any one time in the dream. It is always a case of having too much. Like luxury overload so it is a dream that seems more distressing than anything. It is always difficult to know where the three of these laptops are at any one time. They seem to be misplaced or maybe there wasn’t three to start with.

One thing I am keenly aware of is the notion of responsibility in regards to luxury items. If you did have three laptops that were a luxury item in that they cost upward of $2000 AUD knowing where they were and being able to access them would be important. The story around the laptops and where they ended up would get complicated and the story would always change mid dream. Anyone who knows me understands that I am not even the type to have a luxury computer. It seems ok if you were a professional that needed it but even then I prefer desktops. I would buy a desktop at a bigger price bracket but not a laptop. I think that is the point really. Some things that are mobile devices are hard to keep track of when you travel or move around. The reason I don’t like laptops is just that they are another thing to keep an eye on or manage.

If the dream is saying anything it is more my attitude to things. I don’t own a lot of things but funnily enough I own five computers though two are hobby computers. They are of varying ages and they are a bit of work to manage. But they are not high end computers. They are budget machines that I have tweaked to give me a high end level of performance. One computer is a file server, another a do it all graphics machine and another a development computer. They all work seamlessly together and can be managed from the development computer. My attitude is something needs the right set up for best performance regarding the hardware. But these computers are worthless in money terms but manage all of my computer and computer hobby needs. A Macbook Pro can not be tweaked anywhere as far as the other machines without replacing MacOS and then what is the point. For me owning one is a waste of money and a headache to manage. Which is what the dream goes over here and there.

The pressure to own luxury items can take away from the practical day to day needs of the user. They are desirable but not practical. Or in a way the practical benefits are overshadowed by managing the tool. The other issue is some elements of mobile devices are trending toward companionship like Siri for example. The tool is no longer a tool but an assistant. To make it more complicated the tool is also a luxury item so it needs to be looked after. It is sounding like having a child! When the tool loses its ability to primarily be a tool first and foremost what are you left with? Don’t get me wrong an assistant is handy and if you bought an expensive computer you will appreciate it more and look after it but when a computer that costs $400 can be a tool first and foremost maybe something a little more expensive for graphics you wonder what you are getting yourself into.

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