Painting Journey

My painting buddy gave me a word about my not so painterly paintings. It is a good point to bring up because I have let my paint work go lately. It is hard not to care. It isn’t that I don’t care but I don’t want to get caught up in painting politics. Graffiti is the best example where content is null and technique is the pinnacle. Once again I am selling myself short just to make a point but truly it is torture worrying about what paint looks like when I am trying to worry about the ideas. The content though not that deep is still what I need to keep working on.

Some of this also depends on my mood. I agonised over the last painting then I eventually let it go. Paintings do have to work on a couple of visual levels. There is the painting from afar and the painting up close. Both have to work. In my case the close view is not stacking up. Does it really matter when most images are in other media as far off views primarily? My defence though is that I have a basic understanding of traditional painting that doesn’t rely on layering in the same way modern painting techniques do.

Not that I am saying I am painting traditionally because I am not but just look closely at a renaissance painting especially a portrait and note the subtle layering. Usually areas are not far off canvas. Other areas like clothing have more obvious layers. It is a fact. Also I wonder if my bad painting techniques say enough as well. Bad painting has been a thing for an age especially with my generation. Nobody cares about the topic really. I just can’t explain why I have chosen this path over finishing the close view. For one it is the joy of paint being paint. I love the tactility and I don’t want to hide it. Also there is the guise of being a degenerate which I constantly come to in all aspects of my work when truly I am as tame as they come.

It started with my painting of the Jesus statue I videoed some years ago. The paint work is atrocious but it still seems to be a painting I could show. There is the level of idea as opposed to the level of finish. The funny thing is in my new graffiti work I am going for finish over content. I have reversed my attitude. I want clean lines and order. I am going with my gut feeling on both fronts, I hope I am right.

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