connections and disconnections

Will always come back to be overloaded, at least in regard to how my brain works. It seems as we come to the end of the year I am feeling like switching off. I am sure everybody is feeling the same way. Have kept myself focused on art making. When I sit down to write which is never often enough it feels like I have a lot to say but it only comes out in little segments. In fact I feel full of stories just wanting to get out. Decided to just write short disparate chapters as that is what seems to come out. The logical flow of ideas is not really that clear to me. Once I think about the bigger picture I lose my flow so it will just come out in its own time. It is little bits of conversations or moments that seem to come to the surface.

In the end I am not that worried about it because it can become a number of things. Such as a sound dialogue artwork or an online dialogue. Writing though seems so beautiful. It can be the paper or the order of words. The font. The direct channel to the mind. Maybe because I am a visual artist words can evoke so many more images. It becomes a movie or an imaginative image that seems to be ungraspable. It is so disparate and fragmented with soft edges that seem to encapsulate the past or future. Another possible world that could just as well be impossible to recreate without symbols coalescing in a part or parts of the human mind. A web of interconnections and misunderstandings being turned into meaning.

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