Brown bread or just toasted?


They would have to do a dedication piece and he brought up S who had a very unsavoury criminal record fuelled by drugs and things that nobody wanted to be associated with. They exchanged numbers and he knew he kept his phone on silent for those 2am phone calls on a week night. “Who is it?” he sounds exhausted and says “Its D mate, did you talk to your mate” it was 2am and he couldn’t think what he was on about. That though was just a thought it didn’t really happen but could have happened in a parallel universe. That happened though but it isn’t confirmed. “What happened?” he trailed off as he had hit the pipe and he was drinking “M mate, was he brown bread?” The truth though was unclear. Nobody in this situation really wants to know the truth. The other story was he had gone interstate after getting out. Earlier that evening he asked his mate if he knew anything. He had only known that he saw him earlier in the year and he got transferred to another gaol. He wasn’t brown bread after all? Maybe he was toasted in another state or in protection maybe he was turning up for work and nothing particularly bad had happened. Ok maybe. 

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