Within and without

Have been making some new work on paper. Ready to start some bigger canvas work in the next few weeks. There is a little bit of house related stuff I need to get to first. The new canvas works are surreal so based on dreams which don’t really relate to any meaning or structure. They are like memories or dreams of memories or memories of dreams. Really want to concentrate on the landscapes in the paintings. A lot of my old dreams had very particular landscapes and they seemed to overlap but there was a definite map. There are lots of these places that recur at different times. Maybe a movie will remind me or set the scene for a new dream landscape. They are really ideas that float within the social conscience and they are a place we inhabit within ourselves.

They are the concepts we live within and without. The works will have to unearth these concepts and places. Without the collective mind these landscapes don’t exist but at the same time the source of these landscapes has evolved over billions of years. We just happened to inhabit a particular point on a map that may never actually end. The map is always getting bigger. We can only see so much of it. But what we see is truly enough and what we know gets a little bit bigger everyday.

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