Latest few weeks

Originally when writing a blog post they were unedited. This went on for years and only in the past two began editing them and writing them in a word processor. Currently going back to my old unedited style which is conversational and straight from the browser. Initially was worried my browser might crash but in so many years it never happened. Even if it did maybe it would be a sign. A sign my browser had crashed most likely.

I had really enjoyed the exhibition and talk at UNSW Art and Design and was keen to see more art but then I had to weigh up going to the movies with my daughter or see “Underbelly Arts” at NAS art school. The movies won and saw “Blade Runner 2049”. Was impressed that it is as good as the original though my only criticism was a couple of gratuitously violent scenes that I felt had little point to the story line but highlighted the good guy bad guy matrix.

The soundtrack is excellent the story was well paced and kept you interested. It was a long movie and to me had hall marks of 70s films like Solaris in that it can take the time to show a scene rather than rush through to plot lines. The price of the underbelly art entry was pretty steep but it is held in a number of areas. You really need to make a day of it. My attention span is probably a movie or a gallery visit rather than a larger outing. Rarely see movies so it was a nice change and considering the original Blade Runner is my favourite movie it was great to see a sequel that can match it.

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