connect, disconnect

Just thinking about connections and disconnections. It seems the brain with its myriad connectivity desires to keep connecting in whatever form it can devise. At some point though it loses sight of its own sense of self in the process and begins to exist as a seperate entity that maybe has a life of its own.

The walks had imprinted themselves on his memory. This desire for movement and not sitting still. It was a life of transit and transitions. They couldn’t really settle or stay still as time was running out. Time for his father was quickly running out. He was heading into the depths of catatonic psychosis. It was like being buried alive but able to breath as the world disjointed went on around you.

The world a supposed rational place truly was crazy if you looked hard enough, but an individuals mental state creates a rift with the outside world. They disconnect. Today we long for connection no matter how abstract and disconnected. It is the idea of connection that makes us grasp at these constructions and feel that we too, no matter how seperate, are part of a great machine. A machine that shares and grows taking our attention away from the fact that truly we are all seperate entities. Also we lose sight of our selves and something else takes it place outside of our bodies. Something that we can’t necessarily control or even understand.


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