Free has nothing to do with freedom.

The idea of fake news is an interesting phenomenon. The goal is to misinform and misrepresent. It can be hard to know what is true or simply false. When you blur the lines you lose logical processing. You stagnate. Inevitability and stagnation are two common themes. If we are stopped dead in our tracks we are supposed to forget what the real point is. Of course truth isn’t necessarily universal but it helps the system function no matter what it belongs to or is a part of. What fake news does is create a glitch in the functioning of the system. It is interesting to think of the parallels of hacking in that finding a break in the flow of logic provides opportunities for disruption on many levels.

There are stories of the inevitability of wealth disparity, there are the ironies of the wealthy who then claim to have bigger ideals based on common good. These disparities are less centrist but many centrists uphold these disparities. In a way the vote for Trump is the glitch the system needs to then be restructured. The system broke with George W Bush and Obama couldn’t fix it and carried the flag. Now Trump in taking advantage of the break has simply highlighted the problem. In effect though this should galvanise people to see the issue and get to work fixing it.

For me buying my news helps so far as aggregated news is filled with problems. If I could pay for Facebook I would actually consider using it. Free has nothing to do with freedom.

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