In the mind

So just thinking about the mind and the place of the world within it. Summed up well below.

“No created thing remains upon a single state in this world, the next world, and what is between the two, neither spirit, nor soul, nor anything other than the Essence of God. Rather, each continuously changes from form to form, constantly and forever. And imagination is nothing but this…. So the cosmos only became manifest within imagination…. It is it, and it is not it. “(Ibn ‘Arabî, al-Futûhât, 1911 edition, 2:313.12)(

Then writing about it in below excerpt. Kind of turning it around.

He didn’t realise that the graffiti on the streets was just a reflection of his mind and other minds. A chaotic reflection of collective well being. The repetitive staccato was all over the uneasy streets. They lived within a world built for other purposes. It was functional. Things moved through the spaces. They though were dysfunctional but never the less were still moving through the functional streets. Looking to be known through their respective journeys. Hoping not to be completely forgotten. They had been forgotten before. Life is busy and nobody has time for those that drop by the wayside. They kept reminding people but people didn’t know what the reminiscence was? What had been forgotten were the people who fell through the cracks. They were ghosts now. Visible but invisible. They moved through the streets existing within them. This was what they had imagined.

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