Painting details

The dialogue in Zapgalaxy’s paintings help us understand the complexities of cultural exchange. The negotiations and constant unfolding of possible conflicts and resolutions is not unlike the world we live in. This comic universe is filled with wonder, possible cataclysms and the meeting points of cultures. There is always a sense of different cultures in the guise of distinct looking aliens. Foreign entities seem destined to not just appear but challenge us and challenge each other. Zap galaxy is probably the most accurate painter of Australian multiculturalism. Rather than just painting from his own vantage point as an immigrant he paints the many cultures as a representation of what he sees as a whole universe of attitudes in the world. It is important to note the word ‘attitudes’ as these seem destined to inform our representations. Attitudes change, or at least we hope they do. This is important if we consider Australian immigration policy and its threat to the success of multiculturalism. These days though it seems to depend on who you ask but there is no denying the attitudes prevalent. These attitudes seem hinged on ignorance and fear. Where Zap’s paintings come into this is the unfolding of drama in the universe of attitudes we live in. One dialogue could be an observation pertaining to ‘energy’ or another the slavery of ‘apes’ from an inhospitable foe.

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