Elite vision

It is interesting how street art in its most raw form is a kind of collective psychosis. In terms of western thinking and values we tend to be moving away from tolerance and collective equality into elitism and corporatisation. Globalisation itself has tried to assert itself through invasion in the guise of nation building through Afghanistan and Iraq while talking of terrorism. The threat of terrorism became an opportunity for an extended global vision. Now that we have seen that forced globalisation won’t work the new opportunity is division and dictatorial protectionism. But it has a global focus ideally as it provides trade and centralises power so can bring both globalisation and central control. That itself would be the ideal position for an elite in the world in the coming years. The issue is internal division but through social management that issue can be solved. This is looking somewhat like Trump’s America but if it plays out that way is yet to be seen.

The main arguments against Hillary were about her background as opposed to her skills in leadership as though she was going for a sainthood rather than the opportunity to lead America. Clearly she was the most suitable leader and even though Trump was seen as transparent and ‘honest’ he was lacking in leadership. The point to note is that he successfully divided America in the vote and will most likely continue to do so with his ‘transparent’ or should I say invisible leadership skills.

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