music and painting

Well getting into some music, had a play with my midi synth and it generated a lot of noise since my Ubuntu upgrade but I like it and can work with it. The patching on the jack music server changed quite a lot and I think it is that my synth software now has a jack and alsa version which are separate programs. It is all workable and I am fine tuning a laptop for playback of beats and noise in irregular loops.

What I will probably end up doing is recording material and maybe edit it together if I can’t get much out of live sessions. Just see what happens. Really got stuck into painting on walls and paper but I think its time to calm down and take a breath. The work has been rushed and fast but it also gave me opportunities to work and talk to other artists which is needed. It is heating up now in Sydney, we had a mild start to spring so I don’t really want to be standing in the sun for hours painting on the streets.

Leaving the next wall for a few weeks which is good as would like to go and see my friend in the mountains for the weekend. Then I have work the next weekend which leads to a rostered day off which will be a good break to help me gather my thoughts. Even though I feel like I should be pumping out work I want to get some quality work out and it needs to think and bubble up to the surface. The good part has been the socialising but the work hasn’t been great though I am not bothered about it at all.

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