Really enjoyed painting the mural in Manly, it was great to be involved. I have a large aerosol piece on the cards possibly for the weekend. It is so hard to commit because there are a few variables but I am confident it will get off the ground. My ideas are always vague though I had references and a layout with some sketches for the wall but it is hard to say what will look right except on the day. It is really all about what is working and generally that is a feel thing with my own work. It is a large wall and I can’t necessarily get as high as I want but also the work could be a temporary piece. There isn’t any pressure and I am curious to see how I will solve a wall like that on my own. It is easy with another person because you can use their work as an anchor and work around it. I have done big walls before and some of my solutions were to break the style up into two distinct halves.

Initially I didn’t want to do a graffiti piece and just rely on the cartoons but a piece may help centre the wall. Once again it is all about where my head is at on the day. I want some references but I want a lot of flexibility and just make stuff up. I know technically how I want to approach it as I want to draw it up and throw colour around fairly loosely as I start to add detail and tighten it up. I wish I was a little more focused on some kind of detail but I can’t necessarily at this point see a lot though I kind of know once I do the initial drawing the pieces will fit together. Well I will just have to see if I can get it done.

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