Music time

It is interesting that there isn’t always time but there is usually the right time. Once I get a few things out of the way I will need to focus on music for a spell as I want to see what I can set up for live recording. It is pretty basic, initially I was going to get a multi track mixer but didn’t have the money for it. Then I doctored some existing hardware which had been for music playback or entertainment. I may need to see what the limitations are and if it is isn’t workable I can currently afford the multi track mixer. This has been brewing for months and I really need to solve a few issues. Issues like having an exhibition somewhere…somehow.

It would be nice to have a gallery for a bit of support but it is hard to see what will work. Otherwise there are galleries for hire and some can be good for a crowd but they don’t always get serious collectors or crowds either unless you are popular. Some of these galleries don’t really want serious art types around anyway as they have niche artists and maybe are not about main art trends. Well I will need to actually get to some shows and that is not easy for me as I am a single dad. My ex is kind of unreliable and normally doesn’t care to cover for me. I am it basically.

I don’t even have the time to feel sorry for myself and in the next few years I won’t really know what to do with myself, because I will most likely have all the time in the world as the teens become adults.

Back to music, I want to start solving that after this weekends painting is over. With the painting I need to just do it while I have the opportunity because I won’t have a prominent spot like that to myself for a while. Then it is all about music.

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