The month of September wasn’t really that busy but I was quite stressed for the first few weeks. My eldest daughter came down to Sydney later in the month and I think I was stressed about that really. In the end though it was a great week and my two daughters get along really well and they are quite independent and lots of fun. My youngest daughter lives with me and she had kept in contact with my eldest daughter regularly and they both have a lot in common. They had days together and a couple of days off doing other things but we went out a lot as a family having dinners and lunches which was great.

My eldest daughter is quite a peace maker and mature for her age so she was happy to get her sister around and go to the beach and to the mall and then hang out. I only had one sad day which was a funeral for a childhood friends mother who was a very good influence and role model for all of us. She was taken quite suddenly by cancer which was very aggressive and she died quickly. It was a Maori funeral which was very moving and her family and friends really loved her as she was a very positive person with a big heart. It was probably the most poignant funeral I have ever been to which only highlighted her good nature toward people in her life.

Only last year another of my close childhood friends mothers was taken by cancer as well. There were the three of us growing up together and I had fallen out with this friends mother when I was in my early teens, she was a difficult figure but had softened with age. That though really dragged on for quite a while so it was no surprise to see her go and in some ways it was a relief for her family as she had suffered greatly during her ill health. Maybe my stress was simply preeminent to my other friends emerging family issue and it was sudden but her passing was peaceful in the end and she had a fitting send off.

It really highlighted that family is so important and I am lucky my Mother is still here and is in good health. The kids together was a highlight too and I think this little holiday was the best I have had since Nimmity so that is great.

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