Well popped out 4 canvas works recently, they will be photographed professionally sometime next week. I also bought a Chromecast for my 2007 model TV which I had been using Raspicast on a Pi for a while. Chromecast is really good, it is nice to have control of it through apps on my phone. So far I have used Youtube, Google Music, Google photos, NBA app and Crunchyroll to watch content. Mainly I like to have music videos playing through a mix. The Raspicast is really good but I can use it on any screen as it is using SSH to send videos to play so it is still in service on a computer screen but Chromecast is a lot more flexible and for the past two days I have been using it to relax.

There are the main apps like Netflix and Stan available as well as a few others. It probably isn’t as huge as Apple TV but I really don’t use Apple products having most of my devices on Linux or Android.

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