Letting it go

Can’t believe I used to do graffiti with egg heads like the guy who recently defaced my aerosol artwork in Malabar. It is pretty typical and I don’t have anything to do with him or the old crew PSK which has been defunct for decades. I moved on in 1993, I kept the name alive only to celebrate the times in the late 80s when the crew was creative and pushing boundaries. All of the unfortunate types who came through it and left only to do crime was a testament to its failure to rise into a positive force. My own agenda was to lift it up for those precious years of creativity but it is nothing now because it never really reached those heights again. Maybe only in 2004 when some mural work was done in the crews name did it show any sign of hope or greatness. Then it just fizzled imploding in negativity. The core guys were vandals and they got associated with hateful types who had come through graffiti but lost sight of the positive agenda and turned to serious crimes and petty crimes. It was PIC that when abandoned left the door open for appropriation and negative types.

The crew was negative and I would never lay all the blame on the crew for the worst blow ins because they had their own agendas fueled by hate. But when you have negative vandalism that borders on nihilism you will inevitably attract the worst people. For PSK it was just association with PIC that lay the ground work for the finger of blame from the media with hate crimes. They will never live that down even if the crew was more positive and focused on creativity. Like I said I simply tried to add a positive agenda to the crew because it had creative potential. The only others who write it want to be vandals and all it does is tarnish the name further. For that I only need go back to my leaving the crew in 1993 and even though I tried to find a positive voice and recreate a future based on a creative past nobody can resurrect it for any benefit.

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