Over the years I would post photos to my sites. It wasn’t about getting hits or traffic but just looking through folders of images and being surprised. It would be like ‘oh I forgot about that one’ and then I would post it. It is like roulette but I am spinning my mouse wheel. If someone else sees it then that is great I hope people do and that is a part of it too. But just sorting through images kind of lets me know where I have been. There have been many iterations of my work, some have been overused and others barely published. I used to go through a photo collection like Flickr or the now defunct Picasa but it is more useful to just post it to my site and see it through a random selection process. That just seems to be kinder to my thought processes and gets me out of a routine selection. I don’t really know what will get selected until I choose it basically. My previous post about materiality is interesting in that it kind of alludes to the imagination rather than is informed by imaginative forms. It is like the war of sense where I ask the viewer to find their own imaginative answer to ‘what is it?’ maybe I am losing it but it is still interesting and marks a different phase. It could be exactly what people need.

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