take two

I suppose to clarify I am not into Brexit at all, I think broader negotiation is good especially in Europe but there is the tendency to ignore anyone who is having a moan. The issue is not that carrying on and whining is productive but it can be an indicator to negotiate and take broader actions. The issue has been a decline in working conditions across the board but it is especially felt in low income thresholds. Even though Western countries have it better even in working standards a global work force tempts businesses into thinking everything is negotiable, but unfortunately with no negotiation. Brexit to me is the breaking of the bond paramount to the lack of negotiation. A kind of unfortunate aftermath of so much ‘inevitability’. The slow decline of wages was inevitable etcetera etcetera when really the bonds or larger good need agreements and understanding rather than being pounced on to increase profits. You could say the whole thing is the brainchild of brats and racists but they have just rode the wave to shore. It isn’t particularly intelligent but it seems collectively they felt they had no other choice.

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