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So it is pretty dramatic to see Brexit, some say it was the working class taking revenge on globalisation. The issue is so many far right groups with anti-immigration agendas jumped on board too. I remember the days when globalisation was a looming idea and people in general were against it. It is always a work in progress as countries try to make free trade agreements. The main beneficiaries have been painted as the poor workers in other countries and the rich. Some intellectuals say the idea of the ‘other’ as beneficiary of ‘joy’ good fortune, what have you is just an illusion,  an excuse to bar the ‘other’.

That is a different story though when you consider the idea of the working class taking revenge. Who are they avenging? Really the UK had a hard run after the GFC, it was really bad and only now will leaders say, maybe we should renegotiate trade agreements. Well it is a bit late now for the UK who have just shot themselves in the foot. The working class are shown as whingers who have it pretty good anyway so the intellectual stance of the ‘check your privilege’ camp just showed true metal. Bar the whingers, respect the status quo and lets leave the EU, except without the leaving bit. So lets just keep on trucking regardless of the whinging. No renegotiating, no budging just check your privilege, you are a bunch of rednecks who have it too good.

So who wins? Nobody listened to each other for one. The far right have too much wood to burn and got numbers on the board. Now everyone wants to suit themselves and nationalism reappears with no real benefits. Great work.

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