What works for you

I am blown away. For one I dropped everything in relation to web because I hit a wall. I went looking for answers asking people and trying to see what my options were. It more or less sent me in a tailspin. Then I kind of thought lets just get rid of all of the distractions time wasting etcetera and things that are not working and just go back to what worked in the past. This was about what worked mentally rather than in any other sense. What was I happy doing and what was I happy managing? That was the focus and I literally went back to those things. At first I thought maybe I was just giving up and becoming some kind of dinosaur but even though I noticed I was a lot happier and relaxed.

Then just through sheer laziness I stumbled on the answers I needed which I just couldn’t seem to get because I was distracted and relying on other people for answers. Thats good and now I can see that there is no one size fits all approach. A lot of environments say for example social media sites are difficult for some people to fit themselves within. They may be too big too small, their minds may be some odd shape. Anyway I will keep doing what works for me.

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