Push it

Seems the Hub wall in Newtown is now a thing of the past for me and Zap. We did some good work on that wall but it was very hard looking graffiti. Looks can be deceiving though, the owner has handed the wall over to his son which is fine because he has let us paint other walls he owns. We have tended to paint more community style work on the old performance space wall which is the same owner. The Hub wall was a difficult place to paint and in some ways I don’t really mind seeing it go. Looks like the work we are doing is probably better out of the bigger public domain anyway. There is a lot of hard looking graffiti in Newtown as it is and it is just more of the same though I feel we had a great perspective and largess.

We both kind of want to just do even more loose crazier work anyway so it looks like we might be doing walls out of view of the public. We had a good run and got to do some really great work but now its time to push it again.

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