Sacred and profane

In Australia the land is ancient and their is a long spiritual history tied to it, very much a part of the long Indigenous cultural heritage. My first window into this world wasn’t particularly pleasant. I was staying on a property in the rural town of Bowral somewhere south of Sydney and the property was beautiful. Arrayed with a European garden a wood clad colonial style home on a leafy street. A transplanted Arcadia something that would make a European feel at home. There was an eerie feeling at night and I mentioned it in passing only to be told of a local Indigenous massacre some century prior. The ground itself was calling out the trees a mourning chorus I felt like I understood my unease the spirits never got to rest.

Once again this time far north I was going to a little town only to feel that eerie feeling again as seeing a sharp rocky protrusion dominating the landscape. This time it was almost magnetic, it had a dominant energy. Every time I came or left the town I felt the same feeling when passing it was only some time later that I learnt the site was sacred to Indigenous Australians. It was a male initiation site some kilometres north again was a great hill which was the female initiation site. The community met with the local Indigenous elders and they pointed out the current news in regards to the land. The story went that the area itself was only meant to be visited for a few years at most otherwise the sacred spirits could destroy you.

The main point was to respect the land, respect the spirits that lived in the land and not visit the sacred sites. Once I learned all of this I understood what these places were and why they are so powerful and what I was experiencing when seeing them. I am a pretty sensitive person I tend to be pretty tuned in. I stayed in the town for six months and returned to Sydney it was when I was a young man and I have never forgot that feeling. In some ways it reminded me of the energy in Kings Cross but more prominent and the small town had a lot of death and addiction from hard drugs. A few people died while I was there and they were only young, in some ways you could argue the spirits of the land had a hand in their demise in the form of heroin. A perfect storm of the sacred and the profane.

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